Looking for something to do on a Friday or Saturday night?  Well, the Brooklyn Night Bazaar might be just the right place for you!  As the site describes, it is “a night market and concert space that brings together independent vendors, musicians, chefs, and artists”.  Originally, the Brooklyn Night Bazaar served as a pop-up market that had its trial run last year during the holiday season.  From its initial success, it opened its doors again this year and has continued to draw in a very large crowd.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar - Attendance

Due to its popularity, the night market is set to continue every weekend all year long.

So where can you find this place?  The Brooklyn Night Bazaar happens every Friday and Saturday from 6pm to midnight at 165 Banker Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222.  You can check the site to see which musical guests will be performing each night.  It is also worth noting that a long line often forms before the doors open and ID is required for entry.  Though, admission is entirely free!  After 7:30pm, the indoor venue can get pretty packed so make sure to arrive early!  Once inside, a whole new world just opens up before you.

When we went a few weekends ago, we were amazed by the variety of food available at this market.  There was everything, ranging from miniature pies and ice cream cones to drip coffee and pierogi.  They had grilled cheese sandwiches, cold noodles with peanut sauce, and beer on tap.  There were also interesting food options including Mexican chili mix with a cucumber popsicle and freshly made ceviche.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar - Food

One of the food vendors even had fresh fish, which they prepared and served right in front of your eyes.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar - Wildbeast

While sitting on the many tables provided, we listened to live performances while enjoying our food.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar - Music

Just as diverse as their food options, the Brooklyn Night Bazaar had a variety of merchants selling everything that you can think of.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar - Indie Mart

If you are looking for a unique holiday gift, this may be the place to find it!

Brooklyn Night Bazaar - Indie Mart 2

We were fascinated by this great lamp and clocks made out of re-purposed books!

Brooklyn Night Bazaar - Books

Beyond the market, they also offer a miniature golf section for $5/person and ping pong tables for $6/30 min.  They even have a photobooth, sponsored by Airbnb.  Talk about having EVERYTHING, right??  Well, if you are ever bored, the Brooklyn Night Bazaar has way too much to offer, fusing music, art, and style all under one roof.  Go check it out when you get the chance!

Brooklyn Night Bazaar
Fridays & Saturdays 6pm – midnight
165 Banker Street
Brooklyn, NY 11222

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