Target has seriously been stepping up their game. I’m sure you’ve all experienced it– you go into Target to get a pair of dishwashing gloves or something small, and you come out with 10 things and spent like 10x more than you wanted to. And this… well this round-up will not help. There’s a particular brand that I really enjoy at Target, and it is called Threshold. And since animals are so in right now, Threshold has been whipping out a bunch of fun, animal-inspired goodies that are just too cute. These make perfect stocking stuffers or gifts for friends!


1. and 2. Branch + Bird Jewelry Stands:  I know a branch isn’t quite an animal, but I had to throw in this great find with the bird jewelry stand. It’s stunning!


3. Animal Cocktail Shaker + accessories: What did the fox say drink? Bossy gold animals, can’t go wrong with that.


4. Staghead Sculptures: Create a woodsy, cabin feel without having to actually mount a stag’s head on your wall.


5. Fox Bowl and Serve Dish Set: More foxes, but now they’re in dish form.


6. Porcelain Owl Salt Shaker: This is definitely not a typical, kitschy christmas reindeer gift. Black and gold makes it way more chic.


7. Snake Handle Accent Box: Store your most mysterious treasures in this matching, sleek box.


8. and 9. Stag Beer Stein and Beverage Tub: This is the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life, male or female!


10. Fox Decorative Serving Tray: Trays are so in right now. And one with foxes? Perfect.

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