American Pasta at Barzotto

What’s better than a plate of freshly made pasta covered in savory mushroom, rosemary, and braised beef sauce? A table spread that also includes the Little Gem salad and roasted half chicken served with crispy skin and house-made pickles! The Mission welcomed Barzotto, a new American pasta bar, earlier this year. We’ve been giving the place a few test runs before sharing our experience with you. Our verdict? It’s delicious and we highly recommend this spot for a casual date night or to catch up with friends visiting the city.

Barzotto is a small space designed to maximize that trait. You can place order right at the front as you walk in and then grab a seat by the pasta bar. There’s a window that allows you to peek over the counter to see the chefs rolling out the dough and cutting them into bite-sized pieces.

We’ve had both good and bad experiences with the service, the first time we went on opening night, it took us over 45 minutes to get our order. Luckily, they brought over some bread sticks and marinara on the house to appease our hungry bellies. However, our most recent experience was much more pleasant, as our orders came out within 15-20 minutes.


The Little Gem salad came in a large bowl, enough to share with two or three people. The yogurt vinaigrette dressing was light enough to let the flavors of the pickled cucumbers stand out in this dish.


This pappardelle dish with braised beef, mushroom, and rosemary sauce is hands-down delicious.


We also ordered this roasted half chicken plate that came with two types of sauces and a heap of tangy and spicy house-made pickles.


1270 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

Have you dined at Barzotto? Share your pics with #culteats so we can take a look! 

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