Wedding Editorial: A Modern Bride At The San Francisco Mint [3/3]

I’m so, so thrilled to share the last look in the NWxMSV wedding lookbook at the San Francisco Mint! This might actually be my favorite look— it was certainly the most dramatic. The pieces all really came together and as artists, we were really hitting our stride at this look as well. It felt like the last sprint, where we ran super hard towards the finish line to achieve our goal. I was sooo thirsty, Melissa was cold AF, the sun was setting… But the lookbook really came together beautifully.


I love how this look featured a strong, powerful woman that’s not afraid to embrace her sensuality. To perfectly complement the architecture, Melissa went with a strong, architectural white blazer softened with sultry feminine details and a sheer skirt. She really put together a nontraditional bridal outfit that’s bound to capture anyone’s eye, and clearly screams trendsetter!. This is a woman that’s not afraid to be in the spotlight, in fact, she thrives in it.




This look goes out to all my bad-ass brides. The girls who really DGAF. The ones who roll their eyes at the traditional and make an effort to break all the rules. When I thought of what I wanted to accomplish for this final look, I knew I wanted to put myself into a perspective of a bride who is really SO bored with everything she should do. Tell me the last time you’ve seen a bride walk slay down the isle with soaking wet hair, sexy cutouts and a pink choker? Can’t say I’ve seen it before and I will tell you that the amount of confidence I felt to be completely imperfect and bad-ass made me love this look WAY more. I dream of my wedding day very often and I will say that I let my perfectionist side get the best of me. The notion that everything has to be perfect, from hair to nails, has become intolerable. Of course, we want to feel beautiful on our wedding day – but why not sexy and cool? In my mind, I felt like this look opened the doors to so many possibilities.









Venue: The San Francisco Mint
Photography: Nanette Wong
Makeup Artistry: Nikol Elaine
Skirt: Lace & Liberty
Styling: Melissa San Vicente

Don’t forget to check out part I and part II. If you’d like to see more of these fashion posts, let us know in the comments below! 

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