Urban Adventures with Zappos x Timberland

As I find myself rapidly approaching my 30s, I’m amazed at how much has changed in the past few years— how much I have changed. Gone are the days of blister-causing shoes, ill-fitting denim and sacrificing comfort for fashion. Now, I love an excuse to wear athletic gear all day (30 min TRX class in the afternoon? Gotta dress the part) and will not faint at the sight of comfort shoes.

I’ve come a long way. I like to think I’ve learned to balance form and function, without sacrificing personal style. A lot of it has to do with my recent foray into landscape photography and the adventures that come with it. Let’s be real, when you’re crawling down slippery rocks because you decide to go off the beaten path in the name of “fun”, you’ll be really glad you’re wearing shoes that survive it. Me, my sore legs and muddy jeans can attest to it.

Timberlands |Cultural Chromatics-19

Recently, Zappos reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested in giving Timberlands a try. At first I played it cool, but inside I was like HELL YES!!! And here’s why.
1) I’m heading to Canada and Armenia for some serious vacationing, and need a legit pair of shoes that can handle what I’m going to put them through.
2) I want said shoes to look good, not orthopedic.
3) Aleksandra Zee, who has some serious swag and who I did a Houzz tour with, rocks her Timberlands like there’s no tomorrow.

Timberlands |Cultural Chromatics-10

Obviously, you can’t go wrong with ankle boots, so I went with a pair of cognac lace-up chukka boots. Sadly, they’re all sold out, but I was also eyeing this pair from Zappos. Chukkas are all the rage, apparently. You can’t go wrong with a classic leather ankle boot, and I know the leather will age well on these bad boys. Another thing I really liked about these are that the lining is made of recycled plastic bottles. Points for sustainability! Of course, when I got them, I immediately put them to the test.

Timberlands |Cultural Chromatics-7

I started off my day by wearing them to Uncorked!, a wine festival in the heart of Ghirardelli Square, stopped by the Mill for a coffee, then headed to Billy Goat Hill Park with Sarah afterwards.

Timberlands |Cultural Chromatics-111

From bougie wine tasting to hiking in sand, the shoes were comfortable enough to last some serious trekking, but still stylish enough so I don’t look more like a grandma (the gray hair does that on its own). I literally can’t believe I’m touting the good qualities of a shoe, but this is what happens when you’re 30 and you need good walking shoes. Seriously. JUST YOU WAIT.

Timberlands |Cultural Chromatics-113

Timberlands | CulturalChromatics-116

Embrace the comfortable without sacrificing style. Check out more Timberland goods here, or browse Zappos’ ginormous selection of shoes here. And while my chukkas are sold out, I reeeeeeally like this similar pair!

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