Brunch at The Copper Onion in Salt Lake City

When I first posted on Instagram for Salt Lake City foodie recommendations, I got quite a few votes for The Copper Onion. With a name like The Copper Onion, I was immediately intrigued. Further investigation into the restaurant showed that it’s a classic American-style restaurant that’s famous for their ricotta dumplings, pasta carbonara, beef stroganoff, and the list goes on. They had me at pasta carbonora.

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We ventured there for our 2nd brunch of the day on a snowy Sunday. The restaurant was packed, but we were still lucky to get seated right away.

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We sampled the beet salad, shishito peppers, and steak fries. I’m always torn about shishito peppers— they’re always super good until you get that one SUPER SPICY pepper that makes you want to die.

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The ricotta dumplings were fantastic. The bright zest of lemon really helped make ensure the dumplings weren’t too heavy.

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You can probably tell that I really liked the pasta carbonara due to the fact that I included three different pictures of it. It was perfectly creamy and rich, without making you feel like you need to nap for three hours afterwards. There was good amount of pancetta too— so much that we had a few bits at the end and no more pasta left! We were tempted to order a second round, but probably best that we didn’t.

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The Copper Onion
111 E Broadway
Ste 170
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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