Foodie Friday: Getting Fancy

As a featured critic on the cuisine discovery website, Oomea, I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend their first critic’s luncheon! Although I already felt super bossy just being an official critic, I was even more excited to get the red carpet treatment with a photography session AND lunch at the hip restaurant, Delarosa in the marina. This was clearly the place to be on a sunny Sunday, especially if you want some mimosas with your delicious thin crust pizza. The star of the night was clearly the brussel sprout chips… if you take too long photographing your food, they’d be gone!

Another highlight of the luncheon was that we were all lucky enough to be gifted with a stunningly beautiful present from a* pour toi. a* pour toi is a gift subscription service focused on creating beautiful gift packages, full of delectable delights that are created from fresh, natural ingredients and crafted by hand.


Immediately off the bat, I already loved the way the box was designed. Instead of a typical gift box, it swivels out to reveal a packed bag, full of goodies!


Gourmet Nutella, twix, marshmallows, and more? Yes please!


I love the design of the pamphlet that comes with it as well! Simple, yet beautiful.




Everything is so adorable, I almost feel sad eating it. But… who am I kidding. Let’s dig in!

This box would be a perfect gift for your dearest girlfriend who lives far away, or for the upcoming Mother’s day. Check out a* pour toi here.




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