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Many moons ago, on a random Thursday night, I was consulting with a friend’s friend about social media at a bar (weird, I know) and somehow ended up eating an unusually late dinner at 10pm at Lers Ros with a friend, that friend’s friend, and Mina, a wonderful girl we just met (did you catch all of that). It’s kind of crazy how random life can be, but Mina and I hit it off and promised to stay in touch. And stay in touch we did. A few weeks ago, I received a very exciting invite from her to join her supperclub hosted at Kit + Ace, where she is a shop director. Best known for their technical cashmere, Kit + Ace also believes in bringing creatives together.  Their mission is “making an impact on your surroundings through creativity.” Thus, I joined seven other amazing creatives for a night of scrumptious dining, cool conversation, and of course, wine.

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I actually hadn’t heard of Kit + Ace until I met Mina. Then I felt their cashmere, and I was like YES I CAN GET DOWN WITH THIS. It’s all neutral colors and sumptuous basics, which is totally my jam. I’m pretty sure my wardrobe consists of only white, grey, black and an occasional blush pink or military green.

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We started off with champagne and charcuterie. Let the festivities begin!!

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Loved the copper dining chairs and cozy set up. Every plate had a personalized notecard, a nice little detail.

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All very instagram-worthy of course. I was lucky to be in the company of some seriously cool people, including a video and film producer, floral artist, fashion blogger, FIDM student, hair stylist… We all converged together and it was amazing how easy it was to talk to everyone. Oh, and the food was delicious. Jeff Young was the chef for the evening and his food didn’t disappoint.

KitAndAce Supper Club | Cultural Chromatics-9

The heirloom carrot soup with creme fraiche and micro greens had a hint of curry that really kicked it up a notch.

KitAndAce Supper Club | Cultural Chromatics-10

The endive and fuji apple salad with frisee, goat chevre, cider vinagrette, candied walnuts was light and refreshing, and cut through the creaminess of the soup.

KitAndAce Supper Club | Cultural Chromatics-11

HOLY CRAP GUYS. The flank steak did NOT disappoint. Perfectly cooked medium rare, it was topped off with roasted garlic salsa verde, shaved shallot, caramelized brussels sprouts and root vegetables. Pretty much a dish after my own heart because I LOVE root vegetables, brussels sprouts and salsa verde. This and the carrot soup were tied for my favorite at this point.

KitAndAce Supper Club | Cultural Chromatics-12

And of course, we can’t forget dessert, which was cabernet poached pear with lemon crema, walnut crumble. While tasty, I have to say this was my least favorite, mainly because I was so smitten with the steak. I did like how it was lighter and I didn’t have to unbutton the top button of my jeans afterwards. Just sayin’.

KitAndAce Supper Club | Cultural Chromatics-13

Then, it got even more interesting. Not only is Matt an artist and amazing floral designer, he also reads Tarot cards! I’ve never had my Tarot cards read so to say that this was exciting was an understatement.

KitAndAce Supper Club | Cultural Chromatics-14

He very generously went around and read each of our cards. It was a condensed version because it was a school night, but still fascinating nonetheless.

KitAndAce Supper Club | Cultural Chromatics-15

I drew the Page of Cups.

“The Page of Cups indicates the surprising and unexpected nature of inspiration that comes to us from the realm of the unconscious and the spirit. Inspiration is seen to be something which comes upon us most unexpectedly and often in a manner which we do not understand.”

How very apropos. Thank you so much, Mina and Kit + Ace!

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